Friday, 5 July 2013

Why does Blogger only show one post when I have more selected and how do I fix it?

Over at Life, Doctor Who and Combom, we've recently had a number of emails saying "How come there's only one or two posts on your homepage?" Well, we've looked into it a few times, albeit quickly, and discovered that we couldn't find the cause, as the setting in Blogger is correct.

We've just discovered what the problem is, however. Thanks to this blog post,we now know what the problem was.

The problem is with how one of our writers added the images to the post. Instead of uploading the content via Blogger's picture tool, they dragged and dropped the image into the window. To the user, this normally does not look any different from anything else, however the image isn't actually uploaded to the server in the traditional format. Rather, the image is encoded into base64 and added to the post, raising the post's size. When you, or the visitor sees it, it is decoded back.

When does this happen?

When you have dragged and dropped an image from your computer into your blog post.
Note: Dragging and dropping from another site will usually result in a series of foreign characters displayed.

Why does the page not load?

Blogger has certain limitations attached and one of these is page size and having a base64 image encoded in your post takes up a lot of the page's allocated space. (A single standard quality image could be worth about the same as your entire HTML page. That's a lot of text!)

How do I fix it?

First, you must find the image. Simply open up your blog, and put your mouse over each image and look in the bottom left of your browser.
If it has "data:image/jpeg;base64..." or something similar at the start, then that's your problem. Most of them should have a domain (or the start of one) at the start.

Once you have found your image, download it to your computer.
Then, edit the post on Blogger, delete the old picture and properly upload the new one to replace it and save.
This should now be fixed.

Unless you use tags with old posts, you shouldn't need to go too far back to fix the errors.

If you've not done too many blog posts, you can download your backup, open it and just use find to look for the occurrences of the blog posts.


  1. can you solve mine ?

    i have never found this type of problem yet . Please help.

  2. simply go to edit HTML
    then ctrl+F,expand widget
    search this base64
    it will show you the image with following data:image

  3. Thank you so much! I've been trying to figure this out all morning, and your post finally hit the nail on the head. My last post was where I "discovered" you could drag and drop a photo - and didn't make the connection to why my blog was only showing one post until I read yours. :)